Everyday Solutions for The Rural Mobile Notary: 4 Needed Low Tech Devices

Electronics letting you down? The 2D solution!

If there is one thing I am experienced in its being in the middle of nowhere and suddenly ……….no GPS updates.

What do you do? Here are four low tech items every rural mobile notary should have handy.

1. A simple road map (largest scale available for the area).

2. A compass.

I keep an old boy scout compass handy. This is extremely useful in those which way should I go intersections.

3. Print your Directions

There is nothing worse than having a technical malfunction in the field. Printing your directions can be a real life saver.

4. Utilize Your Vehicles Trip Counter.

Make sure to reset your trip mileage for each leg of your trip. If you routinely provide services in a rural area like West Virginia. I recommend making this a habit. Having printed driving directions you and resetting your trip mileage on each leg of your destination can help make sense of where you are heading.